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Nu a sa toilette

oil on canvas
32.5 X 21.5 cm

(C)ADAGP, PARIS & SPDA, Tokyo, 1999

Andre Lhote (1885-1962)
Painter, sculptor, and printmaker Andre Lhote was born in Brodeaux, France, and studied decorative sculpture at the
Ecole des Beaux Arts in his native city.
He further developed his artistic skills and practiced as a woodcut artist before
approaching painting, to while he was to devote the rest of his life
Gratly influenced by Cezanne and by Cubism,
he remained a figurative artist. He occupies an important place in the history of modern art as being very active in the
development of the theoretical framework of cubidm. Lhote founded his own art school in 1918, and trained,
taught or influenced a vast number of artists, reaching many more through his numerous books and frequent lecture tours.

The works of Andre Lhote have been exhibited widely throught the world and today, his works appear in many museums
and galleries. During his working life, he exhibited at the Salon dfAutomne, the Salon des Independants, commercial galleries and
several International Exhibitions. In addition to his paintings, Lhote was also an exceptional draughtsman and fine graphic artist.

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